Lifestyle Product Photography

In an instant, the COVID-19 Pandemic changed a lot for small businesses. Many brick-and-mortar shops had to close their doors because they were deemed “non-essential.” Business owners were stuck with rising expenses and little to no way to recoup those costs. A 2nd lockdown brought more pain, hardships and closures.

When you live in a rural community, for many, an online shop or a social media marketing plan was not something that fit into the budget before COVID, but was an essential service after.

My extensive background in photography, print and digital management, and social media marketing connected me with business owners looking for solutions but not sure where to turn or even what questions to ask.

A lot of times good marketing comes from taking a deep dive into what your business does best. It’s only there that you will find the core messaging that will connect you with your digital market. The next steps all focus around showing your products or services in the best light, writing compelling content that supports those images, and getting those two things out to your customers on a consist basis.

Below are examples of the type of images I've produced in the past for my clients. Please feel free to contact me with your unique business promotional requirements and to talk more about how I can help accomplish those goals.